Building the Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform

2019 - Present
Team Leader
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers

This is a design grant to develop an impact reporting and tracking dashboard for a Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform. The platform will offer investment products that contribute to the vitality of the Great Lakes and generate competitive financial returns for investors. These might include equities, environmental impact bonds, and “blue bonds.” The platform will also track the performance of these investments against key environmental outcomes for the Great Lakes.

In this design phase the team will: analyze currently available data and methodologies, identify gaps, and select the parameters to be included in the dashboard; host two workshops with Great Lakes data and impact investing experts; plan a reporting system for the dashboard that tracks impact; and ultimately submit a proposal to the Fund to develop the dashboard.

This work ultimately will provide investors a mechanism to invest in the health of the Great Lakes, track that impact, and generate an attractive financial return.

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