Buy & Supply-Side Support to Accelerate Adoption of Regenerative Agriculture in Great Lakes Basin Large-Acreage Commodity Crops

2020 - Present
Team Leader
IPM Institute of North America, Inc.

This design grant will build a team of agriculture, conservation, and finance experts to expand the adoption of regenerative farming systems across the Great Lakes basin. Agricultural best management practices are implemented across the basin, but their piecemeal adoption has been insufficient to meet water quality goals across the Great Lakes.  Regenerative farming systems are practices that work together that can reduce nutrient loading, improve soil health, and store carbon below ground. The project team will work with farm advisors and the food industry, laying the groundwork for new business models, products, and services that will engage farmers and support regenerative farming systems.

The project will complement the Fund-supported Partnership for Ag Resource Management (PARM), working with farm advisors to reduce fertilizers and pesticides from entering the Great Lakes.

This project will ultimately form a foundation for an implementation proposal to the Fund that will identify pilot activities, expand the network of farm advisors, crop buyers, food companies, and farmers committed to implementing regenerative agriculture systems.

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