Leaders Wanted

The Great Lakes Protection Fund’s portfolio of work is made possible not only by the talented individuals on supported project teams, but also by contributions by expert advisors and technical reviewers.

The Great Lakes benefit most when citizens, industry, and governments in the basin apply the tools, techniques, and actions developed by project teams. If you have advice—ideas about how the Lakes can become healthier; if you need financial support—to test a new approach to creating ecological wealth; or if you have deep expertise—in engineering, science, law, business, or government to coach a developing project team, please be in touch with us.

We are always scanning the horizon for significant problems and emerging threats that are either unaddressed or not addressed effectively. We are particularly interested in exploring fundamentally new ways of solving those problems. If you have an idea that we should know about or would like to discuss, please visit our Get Funding section to get started.

The Fund strives to find and engage innovative leaders on a variety of levels. We seek creative thinkers and doers throughout all sectors of our society who can lead and participate on project teams, as well as give the Fund strategic and tactical advice. If you are interested in putting your expertise to work for the Great Lakes, please visit our Give Expertise section.

In addition, we make available the information and tools that are the products of our funded projects. If you have heard of a particular result, or would like to browse the available findings and tools from our projects, please visit the Use Results section.


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  • If you are ready to discuss an idea, or would like to know how to put your expertise to work for the Great Lakes, we want to hear from you.
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