Announcing Three Newly Funded Project Teams

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We are pleased to announce the commitment of over $3 million in three new teams to further our mission and help realize our vision of clean water to support a self-sustaining ecosystem.

Massively Scalable Water Information Systems ($905,000), led by Hyfi

This project will enable stormwater managers to improve the quality of water discharged to Great Lakes tributaries through radical improvements in water data collection and watershed-scale information tools. The team will deploy massive sensor networks in three Great Lakes counties (one each in New York, Ohio, and Michigan), which will report water level data continuously and will give managers the data resolution necessary to respond to changing weather patterns and extreme events. Read more here.

Nutrient Reduction through Real-time Optimization and Control ($905,000), led by Xylem

This team is building a smart control system to reduce nutrient and sediment loads coming off of farm fields. The team will apply real-time optimization and control approaches that have proven successful in urban hydraulic networks to agricultural tile drain outlets. The application of predictive hydrologic models (driven by machine learning) and automated controls will manage the flow of stormwater during weather events. The team will pilot the proof-of-concept system in the Paw Paw River watershed in western Michigan. Read more here.

Great Lakes Resiliency and Finance Cluster ($1,230,000), led by Environmental Consulting & Technology

The Great Lakes Resiliency and Finance Cluster will establish itself as a self-sustaining network of professionals that will develop the financial tools needed by municipalities to implement green stormwater infrastructure (GSI). Municipal leaders, stormwater experts, and finance professionals will be recruited for the Cluster to increase the adoption of GSI as a strategic alternative to grey infrastructure by lowering the cost, opening innovative sources of financing, and providing a repeatable delivery model. The tools and approaches developed will drive the construction of 10,000 new acres of GSI in the Great Lakes basin. Read more here.


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