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Smart Energy and Real-Time Impact Monitors

GLPF and Wayne State University

Imagine taking a big bite out of your personal carbon footprint without any cost, any sacrifice, or any hassle. A Fund-supported team led by Dr. Carol Miller (Wayne State University) has developed a suite of tools that empowers the consumer with the ability to time their energy use according to their own personal environmental goals and aspirations.

As Dr. Miller states in the film, “The real “ah-ha” moment is really an understanding that one kilowatt hour of energy at a particular time is not equal environmentally to one kilowatt hour of energy at another time or at a different location.”

Read more about the Real-Time Energy Impact Monitors project.

Smart Energy for a Cleaner Great Lakes documents efforts to empower consumers to align their environmental priorities with their personal energy usage.

Smart Energy for a Cleaner Great Lakes from Great Lakes Protection Fund on Vimeo. Film produced by Ravenswood Media.