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The Talent Bank: A Deep Bench of Experts

Collin Knauss, Project Development Manager

The Fund supports teams and their actions to have a positive impact on the ecological health of the Great Lakes. No surprise here, this has been a staple of the institution, anchored deep into our mission and our way of doing business. Each of these teams is built of uniquely talented people who are ready to work together, sometimes with unlikely or unexpected partners who might come from the private sector, non-profit organizations, academia or other important stakeholders.

With this emphasis on collaboration, Fund staff work hard to find talented people to lead our teams, or to bring specific expertise to a project. As much as we enjoy this work, we cannot find all the talented individuals in our region and beyond; there are just too many of you! Therefore, we are always very appreciative to see new names, skills, experience and talents come in through our Talent Bank Survey. The Talent Bank is our proverbial “deep bench” of experts. Know that we look at the bank first when we need it, and even if we may not contact you immediately, we know you are ready to help us improve the health of our Great Lakes.

The Fund wants to sincerely thank the people who have put their names and expertise in the Talent Bank over the last years.  If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to help us have an impact on the Great Lakes by making yourselves known to us and filling out the survey.

You’ll be in good company. Here are the titles of the people who have already expressed their interest in participating in improving the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem. We mean it when we say Leaders Wanted.

Assistant Director
Assistant Executive Director
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Associate Research Specialist
Campaign Director
Coastal Geologist
Executive Director
Forestry Planner
Founding Principal
Geographic Information Officer
GIS Data Engineer
Interim Director
Managing Partner
Natural Resources Planner
Ph.D. Candidate
Post-doctoral Fellow
Principal Investigator
Project Developer
Project Manager
Regional Planner
Research Leader
Senior Associate
Senior Designer
Senior Environmental Specialist
Senior Research Scientist
Senior Researcher
Senior Scientist
Senior Vice President
Strategy Consultant
Urban Designer
Vice President
Water Ecologist
Water Quality Specialist
Water Resources Department Manager
Water Stewardship Technician
Watershed Coordinator

Click to fill out our Talent Bank Survey: https://glpf.org/get-funding/projects-wanted/talent-bank-survey/. We look forward to hearing from you!

–Collin Knauss, Project Development Manager