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Upcoming Web Events: Water Footprinting and Disclosure

The sustainability networking group 2degrees (http://www.2degreesnetwork.com/) has just announced two webinars relating to water management.

On Monday, November 28, Ruth Matthews, Director of the Water Footprint Network, will present “The Future of Water Footprinting: New Global Data.” She will share new research by the Network and share case studies of how to use footprinting to drive action that reduces the impact of water use. For those who have not seen it, I recommend having a look at the Network’s most recent analysis of global water scarcity, which incorporates the timing of water use as a driver of impact. Even water rich regions experience scarcity when timing is considered. That report is available here. (~7MB pdf) I suspect Ruth will cover this analysis in her session.

Two days later, on Wednesday, November 30, a panel including Marcus Norton (CDP), Will Sarni (Deloitte) and Michael Glade (Molson Coors) will explore the results of the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP’s) water use disclosure effort.

For further information, including how to register, please visit 2degrees announcement page.