Optimizing Industry Water Use – Phase II, Effective Application of Water Footprinting Methodologies to Industrial Operations in the Great Lakes Basin

2010 - 2012
Team Leader
George Kuper
Council of Great Lakes Industries
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The team will explore a suite of different water stewardship tools developed and used in other parts of the world. It will determine how well these tools characterize industrial water use and identify water conservation strategies in industrial processes. The team will also test the strength of these tools in detecting ecosystem impacts in a water-rich area such as the Great Lakes and determine whether they can be modified for applicability in the Great Lakes. If successful, this work will provide new tools that will advance the sustainability of the basin’s water resources and reduce ecosystem impacts.

The team will assess 19 water stewardship tools and identify those that could be best applied to Great Lakes water management. Winning tools, if any, will be easily measured and will provide a range of responses in predicting ecosystem impacts. The team will create water use profiles of three plants representing three different industrial sectors, documenting how the different tools: 1) determine water withdrawal impacts, 2) characterize use, 3) treat recycling, reuse, and conservation, and 4) compare with Great Lakes Compact/Agreement decision making standards.

Links to the team’s most recent publications are below.

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