The following resources might be useful to teams that are designing projects to improve the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem. This is not designed to be an exhaustive reference, but a selective list of helpful resources.

Great Lakes Background Information

Great Lakes Charter - 1985

Great Lakes Charter Annex - 2001

Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact - 2005

Great Lakes Biological Diversity - USEPA

Center of Excellence for Great Lakes and Human Health - NOAA

The Great Lakes: An Environmental Atlas and Resource Book

Great Lakes Information Network

A Glossary of Great Lakes Terms/Acronyms

Visualizing the Great Lakes (images)

Preventing Biological Pollution

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory - NOAA

International Association for Great Lakes Research - Research and Managment Priorities for Aquatic Invasive Species in the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Fishery Commission - Bibliography, Resources and Links

Great Lakes Information Network - Invasive Species in the Great Lakes Region

Invasives Species Program - USGS

Global Ballast Water Management Programme (GloBallast)

Sea Lamprey: A Great Lakes Invader

Asian Carp

Using Markets for Environmental Improvement

Kellogg School's Ford Center on Global Citizenship

Environmental Finance Magazine

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

USEPA National Center for Environmental Economics - links page

United Nations Environment Programme - Finance Initiative

Creating Market Mechanisms for Ecological Goods and Services

Environmental Trading Network

Tom Teitenberg's (Colby College, Mitchell Family Professor of Economics) Trading Bibliography

Richard Woodward's (Texas A&M, Dept of Agricultural Economics) Trading Page

Harnessing the Power of Capital Markets

World Resources Institute - Leverage for the Environment: A Guide to the Private Financial Services Industry

Lloyd Kurtz's (UC-Berkely, Center for Responsible Business) Socially Responsible Investing Bibliography

Donald Cram (MIT - Sloan School of Management) and Dinah Koehler's (Harvard School of Public Health) Environmental-Financial Bibliography

Restoring Natural Flow Regimes

Instream Flow Council

eWater CRC

Protection of the Waters of the Great Lakes, International Joint Commission, 2000

Indirect Ground-Water Discharge to the Great Lakes, USGS, 1999

Importance of Ground Water in the Great Lakes Region, USGS, 2001

Ground Water and Surface Water: A Single Resource, USGS, 1999

Other Project Design Resources

Harvard Business School - Social Enterprise Resources   

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management

The Bridgespan Group: Business Planning for Nonprofits  



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