"...I will rely on the Fund to build the next generation of solutions..."

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine invites your participation in Fund activities.
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Winners of the 2020 Great Lakes Leadership Award for Communication Excellence Announced

The Fund recognizes six outstanding journalists and media outlets.
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30 Years of Impact

We celebrate innovative solutions to protect and restore the Great Lakes and all that we have accomplished together.
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Improving the value of the Great Lakes demands innovation.

The Fund provides working capital for innovators to change the world through improved uses of water.
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We support collaborative teams that put their expertise to work for the Great Lakes

Thought leaders and risk takers keep the region at the forefront of progress.
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The Fund accepts sizable risks in the quest for outsized ecological rewards.

Healthy water resources empower our competitive regional economy.
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The Fund’s mission is to identify, demonstrate and promote regional action to enhance the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

To invest effectively, we listen, learn and share. Below is a sample of new ideas we are encountering. For more, visit our blog.