Green Infrastructure – Private Capital

2015 - Present
Team Leader
Sanjiv Sinha
Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
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The project will execute first-ever green infrastructure public-private partnership agreements (P3s) in several Great Lakes municipalities as a demonstration of a new approach to financing and optimizing the performance of distributed green infrastructure. The P3s are expected to be large-scale (up to $50 million) and enable aggregation of services, and optimization of performance, with the goal of making it economically feasible for governments and utilities to greatly expand green infrastructure throughout the Great Lakes region. The team will organize a project advisory committee, identify pilot communities, create and execute business plans, and—based on actual experience—create an implementation toolkit for other communities.

The project will implement an approach developed through previous Fund-supported work—a well-received business model development tool that describes how to form, market and position aggregation services to deliver high-performing green infrastructure services.

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