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Great Lakes Green Infrastructure Finance Accelerator

Year Awarded: 2015
Awarded: $84,000
Team Leader:  American Rivers
Tel: 202-347-7550
Email: gbelan@americanrivers.org

This project design effort explored, ground-truthed and developed blueprints for financing options to facilitate private investment in the installation and operation of green infrastructure on both public and private property. Up to now, Great Lakes communities have largely focused on implementing green infrastructure on public properties and with public financing. Yet, considerable opportunities to reduce the environmental impacts of storm events exist on private properties in urban areas.

The team worked with municipal decision-makers, investors, insurers, service providers and other experts to analyze and develop green infrastructure financing approaches that are relevant to the needs of the Great Lakes region.

This planning grant successfully led to an implementation grant. The Fund’s Board of Directors awarded a subsequent grant of up to $690,000 to test two new financing approaches available to Great Lakes municipalities. For this work the team will focus in the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) service area in greater Cleveland and the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan.