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The Great Lakes Protection Fund welcomes brief preproposals to test new regional actions to protect and restore the ecological health of the Great Lakes.

Preproposals are due April 23, 2018.

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We are ready to support a new set of project teams and we welcome the chance to discuss your ideas and explore how we can work together to make the Great Lakes healthier.

Below is the link to our current Request for Proposals. Please do not consider this the limit of what we fund or what you should consider proposing. We are interested in your innovative approaches.

If your idea does not easily fit in with the RFP — that may be a good thing — please give us a call. We are always seeking advice and new opportunities and we welcome any and all project ideas that are consistent with our funding guidelines.

Please visit the RFP page for a full packet of information available for download.

Submitting an Idea

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