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Demetria Smith

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Demetria Smith is a nonprofit executive and entrepreneur focused on activating great ideas for the people and the planet. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Kellogg PEAK Initiative, a youth leadership organization in Milwaukee, WI. She has extensive experience leading new initiatives and serves on a number of boards. Ms. Smith believes the environmental commons is a critical social justice issue and invests tremendous energy both in her professional and personal life in helping to build our collective will & skill to create a healthy planet where everyone has the chance to thrive.

Ms. Smith is an alum of Northwestern University where she was trained in Asset Based Community Development, an approach that continues to inform her work. When she is not busy trying to make the world more like it should be, you’ll probably find her at the Library or biking with her husband and two daughters.

Ms. Smith was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Great Lakes Protection Fund in April 2022.