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Tim Eder

Chelsea, Michigan

Tim Eder spent most his career working to protect and restore North America’s freshwater seas. He retired from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation in 2022, where he managed a grantmaking portfolio that addressed freshwater challenges with a focus on the Great Lakes.

Prior to the Mott Foundation, Mr. Eder served 11 years as Executive Director of the Great Lakes Commission, which advises the region’s governors and the premiers of Ontario and Quebec on critical issues, such as water quality, invasive species, economic development, and sustainability. Before joining the commission, he spent almost two decades working on Great Lakes and other freshwater issues for the National Wildlife Federation.

In his free time, Mr. Eder enjoys spending time with family and friends at his favorite places on the lakes: a Lake Michigan beach in Sturgeon Bay during the summer; and the storm-tossed coast of Lake Superior, north of Marquette, during the winter. Mr. Eder is married and has two children.

Mr. Eder was appointed to the Board of the Great Lakes Protection Fund in October of 2020.