State Shares Program

One-third of the Fund’s net earnings are paid to member states each year in proportion to their share of the corporation’s endowment. These funds are used to support local projects that match opportunities identified by each state. Since its inception, the Fund has provided $55 million to its member states to be used for their unique priorities. Specific information on funding priorities, application procedures, and funding levels can be obtained from the coordinator of each state’s program.

  • Illinois
    Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
    Bureau of Water
    Sanjay Sofat
    T 217-782-1654
  • Michigan
    Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
    Office of the Great Lakes
    Emily Finnell
    T 517-284-5036
  • Minnesota
    Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources
    Becca Nash
    T 651-296-6264
  • New York
    New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
    Don Zelazny
    T 716-851-7130
  • Ohio
    Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
    Water Resources & Lake Erie Programs
    Joy Mulinex
    T 614-644-2041
  • Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
    Office of the Great Lakes
    Timothy J. Bruno
    T 814-835-1477
  • Wisconsin
    Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
    Office of the Great Lakes
    Stephen Galarneau
    T 608-266-1956