Building a Framework to Advance Aquatic Nuisance Species Management of Organisms in Trade in the Great Lakes Region

2007 - 2009
Team Leader
Timothy Eder
Great Lakes Commission

This team developed action plans to prevent the release of invasive species from the aquarium and pet trade, nursery and water garden trade, and the aquaculture and bait industries. The team shared its plans with state and provincial governments, private sector entities engaged in organism trade, tribal authorities, state Sea Grant programs and NGOs. The team then held workshops to further explore pathways and options for reducing risks. Participants addressed the scope, risks, management efforts, and opportunities for further work. With this project, the team developed a foundation for future work on the topic—the team also planned and developed partnerships to begin planning that future work.

Project Categories

  • Biological Pollution

Project Files

  • Final Report with Workshop Participant Directory
  • Download Project Profile (PDF)

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