Creating Improvements to the Great Lakes Ecosystem

2004 - 2006
Team Leader
David Urban
Land and Water Resources, Inc.

In this first project phase, the team designed new restoration tools in the context of specific, future transactional commitments. Team members identified four potential projects in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, screened the projects for their ability to generate resource improvements, developed restoration plans for each site, and created methods to identify and measure resource improvements. The team then designed a new ongoing monitoring and assurance program incorporating “water improvement trusts” to secure second-phase stream and wetland restoration projects by marketing measured improvements.

Project Categories

  • Flow Regimes

Project Files

  • Operating Agreement
  • Draft Prospectus
  • Draft Contractor Agreement
  • Draft Sales Agreement
  • Draft Land Agreement
  • Summary of Recharge Rules
  • Nutrient Trading Opportunities in Wisconsin
  • Map—Lower Fox River Watershed, Wisconsin 100-Year Flood Zone, Land Cover, Hydric Soil
  • Download Project Profile (PDF)