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Developing a Conservation “Tool Kit” for the Great Lakes Region

Year Awarded: 2002
Awarded: $67,000
Team Leader:  Great Lakes Commission
Tel: 734-971-9135
Email: tcrane@glc.org

This team surveyed water conservation practices and identified “best available” technologies and practices from both within and outside the basin. Team members then worked to develop an online directory of water conservation tools, data, and information for use by water suppliers, water resource managers, and the general public in the Great Lakes basin. The water conservation toolkit is available online, as well as a conservation survey. The survey was distributed to more than 525 public water suppliers from the eight Great Lakes states and two Canadian provinces to assess the current state of water conservation in the basin. The team received more than 100 survey responses. The team’s website provides a platform for individuals and acting bodies both to access and to share water conservation information relevant to the 2001 Annex to the Great Lakes Charter.