Developing Markets to Manage Ecosystems

2001 - 2004
Team Leader
Mark Kieser
Kieser and Associates
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This team promoted and supported market-based trading programs by conducting market research and business model development for the Great Lakes Trading Network (GLTN), including feasibility analysis and a valuation of potential ecosystem benefits of the multiple-markets approach.

A paper on the feasibility of analyzing the multiple markets concept addressed wetlands as generators of ecosystem credits and additional wetland services; greenhouse gas emissions and linkages to wetlands; multiple market trading considerations – drivers, infrastructure needs, barriers, other tradable commodities, tradable development rights, and a summary of potential future trades.

As a result of this work, the GLTN officially changed its name to Environmental Trading Network (ETN) and is now incorporated as a non-profit organization in Michigan. The ETN continues to discuss general trading issues and shares updates on its website.

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