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Developing Procedures for Utilizing a Sex Pheromone to Increase the Efficacy of the Sterile Male Release Program in Control of Sea Lamprey Populations of the Great Lakes

Year Awarded: 2000
Awarded: $324,361
Team Leader:  Michigan State University
Tel: 517-353-9837
Email: Liweim@pilot.msu.edu

This team produced two lamprey implants that enhanced the magnitude and duration of pheromone production in tested lamprey (and surrounding water). The male lamprey sex pheromone was identified and synthesized, and pheromone drip experiments generated strong homing response from female lamprey. The team discovered new information about the sea lamprey endocrine system, including the workings of gill release. Biochemical research results—published in the April 2002 issue of Science—generated a strong media response including a CNN Sci-Tech news article that aired both on national and international TV, a write-up on CNN’s website, multiple requests for interviews and extensive print media coverage.