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Ecologically Sustainable Water Management: Training Workshop for the Great Lakes

Year Awarded: 2002
Awarded: $75,000
Team Leader:  The Nature Conservancy
Tel: 312-759-8017
Email: lmorrison@tnc.org

More than 45 individuals representing government, agency, environmental, industrial, and consulting sectors attended a two-day workshop addressing the implementation of an Ecologically Sustainable Water Management (ESWM) framework. Advance materials including a fact sheet, video, and supporting publications were distributed via CD prior to the workshop. Researchers Dr. David Allan and Dr. Paul Seelbach presented materials documenting linkages between flow, biological communities, and ecosystem function at the workshop. Brian Richter gave a series of presentations on the ESWM fundamentals and potential applicability to Great Lakes systems. The project team presented several Annex-related water withdrawal scenarios for the Great Lakes basin that utilize ESWM techniques to identify and generate potential resource improvements under the Annex. The team followed-up with workshop participants to identify possible pilot application sites in the Great Lakes. This work could have significant applications for the Great Lakes, as ensuing discussions revealed strong interest from many participants to test the ESWM approach in the Great Lakes.