Great Lakes Ballast Technology Demonstration Project

2001 - 2005
Team Leader
Allegra Cangelosi
Northeast-Midwest Institute

This team installed a full-scale ballast treatment system on a working chemical tanker, including a hydrocyclone to remove solid material and a new filtration-UV system that uses ultraviolet radiation to kill biota. The team tested the system’s success in bacteria, zooplankton and phytoplankton removals/kills, as well as in particle removal, system dependability, the ability to remotely collect monitoring data, electricity usage, and the ability of ship staff to maintain the system. Additional barge tests evaluated the performance and operational characteristics of a larger, self-cleaning filter and an upgraded (stronger) UV system. Results of tests have been published, adding to the project’s body of work that launched a global, multi-billion-dollar industry.

Project Categories

  • Biological Pollution

Project Files