Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform Implementation

2020 - Present
Team Leader
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers
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Developed through a project design award, the team, led by the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Governors and Premiers (GSGP), will launch the Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform (Platform) to promote environmentally sustainable economic growth. The Platform will showcase investments and innovative financing tools (e.g., Green Bonds, Environmental Impact Bonds) that deliver positive Great Lakes environmental outcomes. These investments cover four themes: forestry, smart water systems, agriculture, and energy.

The Platform will feature a reporting dashboard to track, report, and visually present the impact of participating investments. It will serve as a report card on progress made toward the Platform’s goals for the region. The metrics tracked are:

  • Gallons of water saved
  • Tons of nutrients reduced
  • Tons of carbon reduced or stored
  • Kilowatts of energy saved
  • Acres of forest and farmland certified

Success in this project will set the stage for GSGP and its partners to expand the range of investments represented on the Platform and make it a useful tool for featuring the Great Lakes’ environmentally focused investments to the growing audience of sustainability-focused investors.

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