Implementing and Documenting the Benefits and Costs of ‘Stormwater Treatment Trains’ in Three Model Conservation (Watershed Sensitive) Developments

1999 - 2010
Team Leader
Steven Apfelbaum
Applied Ecological Services, Inc.

The team developed a ‘how-to’ manual to explain the rationale and process for measuring and monitoring the performance of Stormwater Treatment Trains (STTs). STTs include vegetated swales that convey runoff, wetlands that remove nutrients and sediment, and sedimentation basins with staged release outlets. The guidebook included an extensive literature review related to stormwater management performance monitoring and monitoring program design. It also contained pricing information for equipment and laboratory analyses in a budgeting tool that helps users better balance data collection needs with budget constraints. Team members focused on Germantown, Oak Creek and Caledonia, Wisconsin as case studies. Resulting from the team’s interaction with local officials in those areas, new county ordinances and zoning templates identified potential sites for new conservation development and applied innovative approaches to stormwater management.

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