Beyond the Priorities: The Unexpected

In addition to our key priorities, the Fund will remain open to new ideas/solutions. The governors’ shared priorities to reduce toxic compounds, protect and restore habitat, and protect human health are particularly important. We will not close the door to any opportunity for transformational solutions to basin problems. Such openness has been a hallmark of the Fund and will continue to be. We will invite discussion, ideas, and proposals.

A portion of our portfolio will remain focused on opportunities beyond these “core” priorities. A part of our annual commitments will be dedicated to new ideas and new strategies (including new types of funding). We will balance our openness to the new and different with the reality that such efforts will likely be a smaller portion of what we do, and not consume a significant fraction of staff and applicant time.

If you want to explore an idea or discuss a potential project, please don’t wait for an rfp to contact us. Email us at We encourage you to start with a conversation, even before you think about submitting anything to us.