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Achieving Ecosystem Benefits through Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency Transactions

Year Awarded: 2005
Awarded: $435,000
Team Leader:  Wabashco, LLC
Tel: 312-332-5865
Email: tbrown@wabashco.com

This team implemented 12 different pollution prevention and energy efficiency programs throughout the state of Michigan. The team worked with the city of Wyandotte, MI to effectively finance its energy efficiency measures, and it developed the West Michigan Sustainable Purchasing Consortium to encourage collective purchases of products such as recycled paper. The team also worked with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to aggressively promote carbon sequestration opportunities to landowners through the Michigan Conservation and Climate Initiative and the Michigan Forest Carbon Offset and Trading Program. The team estimated that the enrollment of land in carbon programs prevented the use of 22 million gallons of water and over 40,000 gallons of fuel, as well as preventing the release of over 19,000 tons of sediment, over 6,000 pounds of nitrogren, over 1,700 pounds of phosphorous and over 10,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide.