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Lake Ontario Resource Improvement Opportunity Assessment

Year Awarded: 2005
Awarded: $544,000
Team Leader:  Natural Heritage Institute
Tel: 415-693-3000
Email: gat@n-h-i.org

This team expanded the geographic scope of the GIS-based Hydroecological and Conservation Mapping Tool (the Tool) which was developed in a previous GLPF grant. The Tool aids in predicting where impairments are most likely to occur and in identifying the most cost-effective and beneficial improvement opportunities. Team members developed three new Tool modules addressing nutrient and sediment loading and riparian degradation, respectively. The team evaluated model results, verified predictions made by the Tool, defined restoration opportunities in each of the eight pilot watersheds—four in New York and four in Ontario—and determined cost-effectiveness for each of the restoration activities. This work could pave the way for more effective and efficient restoration efforts in the Great Lakes region and beyond.