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Great Lakes Water Use Information Initiative

Year Awarded: 2008
Awarded: $199,300
Team Leader:  Council of Great Lakes Governors, Inc.
Tel: 312-407-0177
Email: dnaftzger@cglg.org

This team made recommendations to the Great Lakes States and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec that resulted in improved data collection, sharing, and dissemination of water use information that will be available to the States and Provinces. The Compact Council and Regional Body adopted these recommendations.

Now data collected will be comparable and jurisdictions will follow a similar timeframe and process for reporting. In addition, long-term arrangements were created to maintain the regional database repository. A new website and a new State/Provincial communications team now assist the Compact Council with communications to the public and coordination of future work. Information regarding the initiative continues to be shared with regional partners and the public through various means, including the Council of Great Lakes Governors website and newsletter.