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Great Lakes Green Purchasing Consortium: Leveraging Purchasing Power to Improve Environmental Quality

Year Awarded: 2008
Awarded: $495,000
Team Leader:  Delta Institute
Tel: 312-554-0900
Email: acorso@delta-institute.org

This team worked to create a network of environmentally preferable purchasing consortiums in Chicago, West Michigan and Milwaukee, WI, building on work with purchasing representatives in Grand Rapids, MI under a previous Fund grant. The team organized group purchase and reviewed the information sharing needs of purchasing managers, facility managers, and other green product users in order to create a regional interactive social networking website. In addition, the project team hosted a webinar on the benefits of using reduced or no-chloride de-icers as well as environmentally preferable janitorial products and lighting. This project successfully connected groups and individuals across the basin for the purpose of more easily making environmentally preferable choices as a collective group of consumers.